Happy New Year – 2013!

It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013 which we hope will be a really good year for all of you with lots of new updates to be shared within the FIFA community, especially here at FIFANOW.

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Blog: FIFA 13 Disconnections

I’ve experienced it since FIFA 10 and have always hoped that it would be fixed and ignored it, however, three years later, on FIFA 13 the problem still exists. Disconnections – yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. It’s funny, really. In FIFA 10 I thought it was just temporary, in FIFA 11 I kept…

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I was reading a discussion on the EA forums today about the possibility of introducing a team of all-time legends in to FUT 12 and it got me thinking.

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Does a FIFA ‘Handicap’ exist or is it just an excuse?

I read a thread on the EA forums yesterday by a disgruntled FIFA player who believed his performances were suffering due to a rumoured secret feature in the game which creates a balance between teams when one is significantly better than the other.

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It’s Transfer Deadline Day in England!

Today brings this season’s final opportunity for English football clubs to buy players and just like the Pre-season window deadline on August 31, there are plenty of rumours flying around as to who will be moving before 11pm GMT.

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City, Spurs, Arsenal and United in Top Table Battles

The popularity of the Barclays Premier League seems to grow and grow and this is, in no small part, down to match days like the football feast we have to entertain and excite us today.

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BLOG: Playing FIFA UT makes me want to vomit

Do you feel like you’re going to throw up before you start a session on FIFA or do you not care about winning and just play the game for the laughs? Read how FIFA makes me feel in my first article for FIFA NOW and share your experiences.

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