Here is the latest FIFA 12 challenge. In this challenge you are playing as Sporting Lisbon against Benfica. You are supposed to score at least 1 goal in order to finish with a draw or a win. When completed, you receive 650 XP.

The Challenge

You are playing as Sporting Lisbon against Benfica as you are trailing 1-0 to your rivals with no more substitutes left. What you are supposed to do is to score at least 1 goal in order to complete the challenge. You start playing in the 80th minute and you have 10 minutes (plus additional time) to score. If this does sound difficult, don’t worry; Benfica are only playing with 10 men on the field since one of their players were sent off. When completing the challenge you will receive 650 XP.

How I completed the challenge

This was definitely a really easy challeng. At least it was for me. If you are having problems completing the challenge, I suggest doing what I did; Pass around until you break loose in front of goal and score. Pass, pass, pass and pass. When playing the CPU there is no better thing to do than to pass. This was how I got free with Elias and scored. Do not attempt to make it harder than it actually is.

Good luck!