So another week, another “Football Club Challenge”, this weeks challenge is to beat the French Champions. Losing 2-1 you begin your challenge from a Bastos free kick. To complete the challenge you have to score at least 2 goals for the victory, to stay on top of the Ligue 1 table. Read more for my story on the challenge

Beginning from the Bastos free kick, I started the challenge. I take the free kick, it misses. The keeper deflects the ball. It lands at the feet of Fofana, I start the run down the wing, I cross the ball in… GOAL! Gomis lands in a header to start off the match. Lille kick off with 7 minutes to go. Lille, are down on the wing but failed to make a chance. I intercept the ball, Bastos begins to make a run down the wing I make a pass to him, he’s not far from crossing until.. he gets an injury (gotta love those self injuries). Throw in, Bastos intercepts it, passes it to Cissokho, I’m running down the wing (yes, again), I stop, get past one defender, get past two, take a shot! Deflects off a Lille defender. Corner. Bad corner. And that’s full time. I failed to win.