Some of you might of already noticed it, but to those who haven’t; The FIFA 12 web app has been updated with some additional features aswell as minor design changes. We will go through all the new features.

The new web app

Just a while ago the FIFA 12 web app was updated. EA have added some new features that definitely help you use and manage your Ultimate Team. You do not longer have to get on your console in order to manage your team with the things the web app could not offer – it’s all there now! If you haven’t checked it out yet, we highly recommend you do! Visit EASportsFootball and sign into your Ultimate Team and get used to the new web app.

The new features

Basically, EA have added a new tab to the navigation bar called “Club”. This tab includes several sub-links that allow you to manage your team, like “Players”, “Staff”, “Club Items” and “Consumables”. As mentioned above, these things could only be accessed through the console before, but now all you have to do is get on the web app!

• Players

This category allows you to view all the players that are in your club. You could do this before the update, but they have made it much easier to manage the players and send them to either your team or trade pile, or if you want to, you can easily discard them.

• Staff

Just like the players link, the staff link allows you to view all your staff in the club.

• Club Items

This one is not really new, just that it has been enhanced. Here you can see all the kits, badges, balls and stadiums that your team has.

• Consumables

Last but not least, the consumables page. Here you can view all the 50 consumables that your team can have at one time. Really handy since you don’t have to get on your console to trade them.

• Others

Other than the above-mentioned features, there are not really any more of them except for the improved design on the actual web app. Makes it alot easier to navigate around and find things.

My Opinions

Overall, I am really happy with the update. This is exactly what the web app needed, and EA finally added them. How awesome isn’t that? Now, I haven’t used it too much, but from what I’ve seen of it, it’s really good. However, there is one thing I do not like, and it is the animations in the auctions. Whenever you click on a new player it animates the transition and it takes more time than the previous web app.