Have you ever wanted to price-check a player before buying or selling him? Well, thanks to jp flathead you can now do this easily. The Ultimate Team Database has been online for around 2 years now, although, there are many FIFA players that don’t know what this is.

What is The Ultimate Database?

The Ultimate Database, also known as UltimateDB, is, as it says, the ultimate database for FIFA Ultimate Team. On UltimateDB, you can find alot of FIFA Ultimate Team information, such as player costs and player information. We will get into the features below.

The Features

UltimateDB has alot of features, split into 7 categories; Xbox 360 Trading, PS3 Trading, Squad Creator, Player Database, Goalkeeper Database, Staff – Kits – Others and “The latest expensive transactions”.

  • Xbox 360 Trading

    This category is obviously for Xbox 360 users. It allows you to price-check FIFA players that are on the Xbox 360. This is good whenever you want to either buy or sell a player and you want to find out their approximate price.

  • PlayStation 3 Trading

    This is exactly the same thing as the Xbox 360 Trading category, but the only difference is that it is for Playstation consoles. It has all the features that Xbox 360 Trading has, so don’t worry about that.

  • Squad Creator

    Most of us FIFA Ultimate Team players like to create new teams every now and then, but it can sometimes be a challenge. If you are unsure about which players you want on your team, the squad creator allows you to search for players that will be good for your team. Microsoft Silverlight is required in order to be able to use this tool.

  • Player Database

    This category allows you to search for any player on FIFA and find out all of their information, such as nationality, current club, height, skills, overall rating and a lot more!

  • Goalkeeper Database

    Just like the player database, this category allows you to search for any goalkeeper and find out all of their information. No real difference between this and the player database.

  • Staff, kits and others

    This category allows you to find information on how much kits cost, how much staff costs and alot more, such as stadium prices as well as player formation and position prices. A really good and handy tool.

Where can I find it?

No problem, hombre! Finding the UltimateDB is a piece o’ cake. You can either go to FIFANOW – Ultimate Database or UltimateDB.

Enjoy, and make sure you show you appreciation to jp flathead by liking his tool on Facebook!