Many players in FIFA 13 & FIFA 14 are given so called “traits”. These are used to show you the abilities the players have in-game. In this post we will list and explain all the traits available in FIFA 13 & FIFA 14 to give you a better knowledge of what they mean.

There are a total of 25 traits in FIFA 13 & 14, in which 3 of them are goalkeeper-specific. To give you a better idea of what traits actually are, think of them as being special features that you can’t use with every single player. They are also used to represent things the players are specifically good at both in real life but also on FIFA.

    • Argues With Officials. If a player has this trait, it means that they tend to argue with officials more than others when the referee calls for a decision and they perhaps do not like it. Some players with this trait: Dani Alves, Wayne Rooney & Luis Suárez

    • Avoids Using Weaker Foot. This trait is usually given to players who have a low weak foot rating in FIFA and means that they prefer to shoot with their stronger foot and take an extra, usually unneeded touch in some situations. Some players with this trait: Arjen Robben, Ángel Di Maria & Lukas Podolski.
    • Diver. Pretty self-explanatory, but it means that the player tends to dive in order to get a free kick or penalty. Some players with this trait: Cristiano Ronaldo, Dani Alves & Arjen Robben.
    • Dives Into Tackles. This trait is usually given to CDMs or defenders. Players with this trait put an extra effort into stopping the ball by diving into tackles. Some players with this trait: Philipp Lahm, Ángel Di Maria & Javier Mascherano.
    • Early Crosser. Many wingers and midfielders have this trait, allowing them to cross the ball earlier by using either LB or L1, depending on what platform you are on. Some players with this trait: Bacary Sagna, Simao & Natxo Monreal.
    • Finesse Shot. If a player has this trait, it means that their finesse shot is better than usual as it curls better. Press RB or R1 on your controller when shooting to use the finesse shot. Some players with this trait: Lionel Messi, Iniesta & Karim Benzema.
    • Flair. Players with the flair trait are usually more creative than others when they’re on the ball. Some players with this trait: Cristiano Ronaldo, Franck Ribery & Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
    • Giant Throw-in. Only around 25 players have this trait in FIFA 13. It allows these players to throw the ball very far at throw-ins. Some players with this trait: Rasmus Elm, Christian Fuchs & John Arne Riise.
    • Injury Prone. Having this trait means that the player gets injured easily in games. Some players with this trait: Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben & Thiago Silva.
    • Injury-Free. The opposite of the above-mentioned “Injury Prone” trait. Players with this trait rarely get injured when playing. Some players with this trait: Lionel Messi, Philipp Lahm & Neymar.
    • Leadership. Captains usually have this trait. It isn’t very noticeable in-game, but can be seen when the referee calls for a penalty and the captain jumps in to separate the players from the referee. Some players with this trait: Xabi Alonso, Antonio Di Natale & Daniele Rossi.
    • Long Passer. Mostly center-midfielders have this trait, allowing them to pass the ball on longer distances without losing too much momentum. Some players with this trait: Xabi Alonso, Pique & Cesc Fabregas.
    • Long Shot Taker. Players with this trait are very good at taking shots from distance. Mostly noticeable on Ultimate Team where long shots are scored more often. Some players with this trait: Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney & Arjen Robben.
    • Long Throw-in. This trait allows you to throw the ball further than players who don’t have this trait. Some players with this trait: Gareth Bale, Giorgio Chiellini & Daniel Agger.
    • Outside Foot Shot. Allows the player to shoot the ball with the outside of the foot. This trait makes up for having the “Avoids using weaker foot” trait. Some players with this trait: Luis Suárez, Gonzalo Higuain & Thomas Müller.
    • Play Maker. Players with this trait are very good at setting up goals or very good goal-scoring opportunities for the rest of the team. Some players with this trait: Iniesta, Xavi & Xabi Alonso.
    • Power Header. This trait is for players who are amazing in the air. They have extra power on headers and are a deadly threat at corners. Some players with this trait: Falcao, Sergio Ramos & Thiago Silva.
    • Powerful Driven Free Kick. Players with this trait have extra powerful driven free kicks, allowing them to smash the ball in. Check out this tutorial to learn how to use the driven free kicks in FIFA 13 & 14. Some players with this trait: Cristiano Ronaldo, Dani Alves & Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
    • Selfish. This trait is not noticeable in FIFA as you’re the one controlling the players. Some players with this trait: Cristiano Ronaldo, Arjen Robben & Nani.
    • Speed Dribbler (Skilled Dribbling). With this trait, the ball sticks closer to the players feet for better ball control and is useful for quickly changing directions using LT+RT or L2+R2 depending on your platform. Some players with this trait: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo & Franck Ribery.
    • Swerve Passer. This trait gives players the ability of bending the ball when passing. Not only is it useful, it also looks very good! Most players can do this.
    • Tries To Beat Defensive Line. Players with this trait make well-timed runs to beat the offside trap and find open space to score. Some players with this trait: Karim Benzema, Edinson Cavani & Sergio Aguero.
    • GK – Long Thrower. Goalkeepers with this trait can throw the ball very far, usually to the half-line if not further. Some players with this trait: Iker Casillas, Manuel Neuer & Igor Akinfeev.
    • GK – Puncher. This trait is good for goalkeepers at corners and crosses, as it allows them to punch the ball away instead of trying to grab it into the hands and risk losing control of it. Some players with this trait: Hugo Lloris, Victor Valdés & Roman Weidenfeller.
  • GK – Up for Corners. Goalkeepers with this trait go up for corners if you are on ultra attacking at the end of a game to give you an extra man in the penalty area. Some players with this trait: Manuel Neuer, Rui Patricio & Tim Howard.

In case you have any questions or tips for everyone else on how or when to use these traits, feel free to leave a comment below.