Since not too long ago, FIFA fans have been requesting a Be A Referee mode for the FIFA franchise. The topic has not really been brought up by EA, but there are some signs that may show that it will be a new feature in FIFA 13 – want to know which ones?

Be the judge. Be the referee. FIFA 13?

Even though EA have not officially announced a “Be the Referee” mode for FIFA 13, there are some things implying that it might be featured in the up-coming FIFA-release. Just before FIFA 12 was released, EA Sports FIFA producer, David Rutter (yes, the one KSI makes fun of), mentioned in an interview that EA has considered adding a “Be the Referee” mode to previous FIFA games, but failed.

Now, we don’t know if EA have been working on developing a referee mode for FIFA 13 or not, but, considering they’ve tried earlier, maybe they have tried, again?

If a “Be the referee” mode is introduced in FIFA 13, you would be able to control the referee and make decisions like deciding free kicks, penalties, giving out cards and more – just like real life referees. What do you think of that?

Before writing this article, I decided to ask our followers on Twitter if they’d like a “Be the referee” mode in FIFA 13, and here are some of the responses I got:

 lol… no.

 It’d just be boring.

 cant wait to give terry a red card just after starting the game


So yeah, based on our followers’ opinions; we don’t want a “Be the Referee” mode in FIFA 13.

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