As some of you might know already, it’s at E3 things go down! For those of you who don’t know, let’s just say this is where most gaming news are announced by various of different game creators – EA Sports are not an exception! EA Sports are at E3 and will announce new things, starting tomorrow. Read this for more information!

Tease us EA, tease us!

New announcements. First gameplay videos. Crazy FIFA stuff. It all usually happens at E3, believe it or not.

Starting on June 4th to end on June 7th, E3 is is an annual convention where the hottest video games of the year are show. Now, I don’t know about you, but I am interested in the FIFA news – and I definitely hope you are, too!

Several EA employees have traveled to Los Angeles (USA) to represent EA Sports by announcing new things – FIFA 13 stuff – that make us all go crazy! Usually David Rutter, Romily Broad and Alistair Reid are there, and will be this year as well. However, that is not all! As far as we are concerned, some YouTubers have been invited to join EA during the E3 events. One of them is Aa9Skillz – that’s great, isn’t it! He’ll be following the EA staff and doing whatnot.

We’re talking about some crazy stuff right now, trust me. About a month ago, EA Sports announced new changes and features to FIFA 13 which were the first announcements we got. Now, it’s been a while since, and we’re finally getting more! Yes, more!

Starting tomorrow (Monday), you can follow EA’s biggest announcements at E3 with up-to-the-minute video coverage of this year’s E3 Press Conference. The live streams will start at 9pm UK time, and I hope you all will be watching it. If not… you’ll be missing goodies!

What we can expect at E3:

• New gameplay videos, showing us real footage of FIFA 13.
• New announcements for FIFA 13, including new features and more!
• Who knows? EA are unpredictable – we’ll see what they have been planning!

The stream will be available on the following link on 9pm UK time tonight:

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