As we all know by now, an Online Pass is required to play FIFA (and other EA games) online. These passes usually come with your game copy, however, if you somehow did not get it, they’d be available to buy in the console marketplaces for 800 MSP on the Xbox and $9,99 on PlayStation. Rumours are that this price has now been increased for FIFA 13.

Price increase? What?!

Yes, you read that right. As little as we might want it – it might actually happen with FIFA 13.

A couple of years ago, EA announced that their games would require an Online Pass in order to access the online features such as Head-to-Head, Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and more. I’m sure you are all probably aware of how it works.

For people who pre-order the games or buy them brand new from the stores don’t have to worry about buying the actual Online Pass considering it will be in their game case. However, for those of you who buy used games, you’d have to buy the Online Pass from the Xbox Marketplace or PSN Store. The price for these Online Passes have been 800 MSP for the Xbox and $9,99 for PlayStation, but according to the rumour, the price will be increased.

Why do we even have to use the Online Pass? That is a fairly common question and it has a fairly simple answer as well. The main reason to why EA added Online Passes is because they want to make it harder for those who pirate games (illegal versions) to access the online features. There are of course other reasons to it, but that is the main point.

The new price for the FIFA 13 Online Pass is rumoured to be 1040 MSP, which is approximately $13,99 on the PSN Store.