Surprise, surprise! Even though EA’s conference starts at 9pm UK time tonight, they just announced that FIFA 13 will be Kinect-compatible! Sounds great, right? Let’s check out what you can expect from the new feature!

Kinect in FIFA 13 you say? Yes, indeed!

On FIFA 13, you will be able to use Kinect to control parts of your gameplay. Using your voice, you will be able to make substitutions, call out tactics and command your squad while playing. You will also be able to yell out stuff while playing, however, you better watch your language, because you could get booked if you swear and the referee hears you! Not only that, the commentators will also discuss your disappointment whenever you swear, yell or complain.

Kinect will be available in several languages – we don’t know which ones, yet, though. Check back later for more information!