Do you possess lots of football knowledge? Now is your chance to help improve the FIFA games and make them more realistic by contributing with your knowledge!

EA Sports have a website where you who have great knowledge for football can help out and improve the FIFA games to make them more realistic. The solution is called “EA Football Talent Scout” and it is a website where you, if you believe you have strong knowledge of football, can fill out applications to have a chance of being picked as a talent scout.
If you are interested, it is important that you are prepared to spend quite some time working with the Football Talent Scout, because it does indeed require some dedication.
There are four different projects you can help out with:

    • Data Reviewer.
      The EA Sports Data Reviewer is responsible to review the data and enters feedback for his favourite teams and players. This is a voluntary position and offers no financial compensation.


    • Asset Editor.
      The EA Sports Asset Editor is the expert with time to commit to researching and editing player appearances (face and body). This is contracted work with financial compensation.


    • Data Editor.
      The EA Sports Data Editor is the dedicated football expert with time to research and edit teams and players. This is contracted work with financial compensation.


    • Reference Collector.
      The Reference Collector is responsible for collecting and providing reference pictures of kits (shirts, shorts, socks and sponsors). This is contracted work with financial compensation.


Feel like helping out? Check out the EA Football Talent Scout website here:

Good luck!