FIFA 12 is suffering this week like when your best friend gets a girlfriend and loses any interest in hanging around with you. The FIFA Street (FS) demo is out and it’s capturing the attention of lots of FIFA fans and general gaming fans alike with its mix of FIFA 12 physics and outrageous street skills.

I’ve been able to test the demo since it was released on Xbox 360 on Tuesday (late Wednesday on PS3 I believe) and I can tell you now, it’s been a lot of fun and I’ve shouted ‘goalasso!’ after stunning skill runs time and again.

I don’t know how long it’ll last but I’d say FS and I are enjoying a honeymoon period.

I’m finding it hard to distinguish any flaws in this new chapter of FS and I’ve only played the demo so I can’t wait to see what the complete article will play like.

I’ve heard the demo doesn’t expose us to the most entertaining game types with modes like Panna Rules and Last Man Standing arguably being the real show-stoppers but I’ve seen enough in the playable ‘World Tour’ and ‘5-A-Side’ to convince me that the full version of the game will be worth risking a wad of cash for.

The most impressive feature I’ve noticed so far is the overwhelming number of effective and good-looking skills you can learn and attempt to pull off.

The skills are realistic too as you can imagine being able to pull off most of them in a real-game situation; gone are the FIFA Street 3 days where players would run along walls to avoid tackles.

Something that literally caught my eye about the FS demo was the gorgeous aesthetic nature of the two venues you can play at: Shanghai, Z5 in France and Amsterdam.

Some of the venues, like Z5, designed by Agence Christophe Gulizzi and inspired by the great ex-French footballer Zinedine Zidane, actually exist but each of them look beautifully colourful and well-made, like the perfect locations to indulge in a game of street football.

From playing the demo it seems that the guys at EA have really taken the game seriously and this time around FIFA Street could assert itself on the gaming market and community and become a game you don’t just play for a day and put down but an entertainment experience that keeps you enthralled all year long.