Welcome to FIFANOW everybody! After around two months of development we are now proud to officially release FIFANOW and our main website. As you might know already, our forums were opened on September 30th. Unfortunately we ran into a few problems with the main website, so we had to start all over again. But here we are, eager to get started!

How it all started

Basically, I personally love everything about FIFA – both playing it and reading things about it. So, about three months I thought, “How about bringing everything about FIFA to one place?”. And that’s where it all started. Since that day, I have worked on designing and developing the actual website. Along with that, I found myself a really good staff team who have helped me create this community since we started.

Our aims

As said earlier, our aims are to provide everyone with everything FIFA-related, in one place. Not only do we want to provide you with all the latest news, we also want you to feel like a FIFA community. That is why we host several events on a monthly basis, on our forums, for our community. We host events such as FIFA tournaments – especially Ultimate Team tournaments where prizes are included. You do not only have fun while playing with our community members, you also get the chance of winning! If you win our Ultimate Team tournaments, you will receive alot of things such as gaming coins, players and a “Player of The Month” rank on our forums to brag about your gaming skills.

We socialize, oh yes!

In order to reach out to all of you, in alot of ways, we felt the need of socializing! FIFANOW are currently on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, although, we will be expanding shortly. How about liking, following and subscribing to us?

FIFANOW Facebook: http://www.fifanow.com/facebook
FIFANOW Twitter: http://www.fifanow.com/twitter
FIFANOW YouTube: http://www.fifanow.com/youtube

Final message

Over the coming days you will be seeing some minor changes to the website, although, you will not be affected. We will just be adding more stuff that you will be using.
We are really excited about this official launch, and hope you are too! Stay tuned, because we have alot of interesting things coming up during the next couple of days, such as FIFA giveaways!

Have fun everybody, hope you enjoy FIFANOW!

Visit our forums today at http://www.fifanow.com/forums/