FIFA 13 Demo – Manchester City Ratings and Info

Manchester City won the Premier League last season, so the boost of their players’ stats was both expected and needed. We’ve managed to collect some info about the Manchester City squad on the FIFA 13 Demo as well as images on their new ratings.

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FIFA 13 – First Touch Control

As you all probably already know by now, the First Touch Control is something that has been completely revamped and improved for FIFA 13. In this video, FIFA 13 line producer Nick Channon explains how the new control system works. Really worth watching!

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FIFA 13 – “New Skills” Tutorial by Hjerpseth

Hjerpseth is back with another skills tutorial – this time for FIFA 13! He shows you how to do the new skills that have been added to the game. Learn how to do them in his video tutorial!

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FIFA 13 – Soundtrack

Every year, with every new release of FIFA, there are always new songs in the game. For FIFA 13, EA Sports have revealed all the 50 soundtracks you will be listening to while playing FIFA. The list is pretty impressive compared to previous years – check it out!

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FIFA 13 – List of Leagues and Teams

With FIFA 13 coming around, EA Sports have finally released a list of the Leagues and International teams that will be in the game. They have also included the “Rest of The World” teams, which many of you have been tweeting us asking for.  

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FIFA 13 – Career Mode Transfers

Career Mode has been majorly improved on FIFA 13 and you can tell EA Sports have put a lot of effort trying to make it a lot more enjoyable for those of you who love the Career Mode. Check out the new – improved – transfer feature, it’s really good!

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FIFA 13 TV Ad – Join the Club

The official FIFA 13 TV ad is finally here! After showing a quite boring teaser yesterday, this full TV ad was a lot better than expected. You get to see some great in-game footage and world-class players, but most importantly, they really emphasized the Join the Club “slogan”. Check it out! 

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