Team of the Week 50: 29th August – 5th September

Team of the Week 50! Wow, time flies. Nevertheless, this TOTW is filled with quite some amazing players. Not even lying. Check them out!

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FIFA 13 – Tottenham Hotspur Third Kit Reveal

Tottenham Hotspur’s third kit was just revealed by EA Sports on their YouTube channel where they also show us more FIFA 13 footage – how amazing isn’t that? Check it out!

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FIFA 13 – Kevin Prince Boateng In Game Stats

It’s been requested for a long time, and the change has finally been made to the AC Milan Prince, Boateng. Check out the video to see exactly what we’re talking about.

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FIFA 13: Ultimate Team Introduction

FIFA 13 is coming soon! Can’t wait? Check out this video that EA just uploaded, where they briefly introduce you to Ultimate Team in FIFA 13. 

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Icebreaker teams and a better explanation!

Here’s a look at the teams you can get by choosing any of the players, a total of 14 teams!

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Lots of FIFA 13 Information!

So I was at Telford on Friday 24th August, and got some information at Insomnia, a lot of unknown features, but some disappointing information but it’s still nice to know!

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FIFA 13 – All 50 Achievements

Every year, with every new FIFA release, we get 50 achievements that we work hard to unlock throughout the game. We are happy to bring you all of the 50 Achievements, first, here on FIFANOW. Check them out!

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