FIFA 14 starts 2014 at the top of the UK Chart

Almost a week into the new year, the updated UK Chart shows us that EA Sports’ FIFA 14 game tops the table. See the top 10 list here.

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EA Sports file a copyright claim on a FIFA Christmas giveaway website

It seems like EA Sports are back at it again. A FIFA Christmas Giveaway website, 12DaysOfFUTmas, was recently brought down after a copyright claim was filed against the website, for the craziest reason.

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All FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Chemistry Styles Explained

As most of you probably already know by now, the chemistry system was totally revamped in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team. One of the new features is the Chemistry Styles. Read this for an in-depth explanation of all the in-game Chemistry Styles that can be added to players.

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Cheap and Reliable FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Coins with Fast Delivery!

Are you looking for cheap FIFA 14 Ultimate Team coins? We have got the best place for you to get them – cheap, reliable and fast delivery with awesome support! To top that, the EA Tax of 5% is also covered!

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All FIFA 14 In-Game Player Statistics Explained

Many of you who play FIFA ask yourselves what the in-game statistics really mean. You see them listed, you have a rough idea of what they are, but you don’t exactly know what they are and how to use them to your advantage when picking players or building team. Read this to fully understand what…

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Statistics on How The World Plays FIFA

Ever been interested in seeing statistics on how the world plays FIFA? Check out this post to find out the teams that are matched up most often, who the best goalscorers are and more!

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Legends Now Available in Packs

The longly-awaited moment is finally here, the moment many of us have been waiting for – the release of the FUT 14 Legends!

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