FIFA Ultimate Team Turns 5 Years Old

Wow, time really does fly. March 19th marks the 5 year anniversary of FIFA Ultimate Team. Here are some infographics from FIFA 09 to FIFA 14.

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FIFA World Cup 2014 Trailer Release And ‘Game Defining’ Improvements

With the World Cup hosted in Brazil slowly creeping up on avid football fans, what better time for EA to bring out a game in which enables fans and gamers to participate in the virtual tournament, allowing you to build your national team and rise through the ranks to become the champions. The game is…

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Second & Final batch of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Winter Upgrades

The second and final batch of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Winter Upgrades is here! It’s not exactly a long list though – only 16 players were upgraded with this batch. Check out the players who were upgraded here.

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Xbox One FIFA Gamers – It’s time to update your controller firmware!

If you’ve played on your Xbox One console lately, you will have noticed that a console update rolled out at the beginning of the month. What not many seem to know is that a controller update is available too – but it has to be updated manually. Here’s how to do it!

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First batch of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Winter Upgrades

The first batch of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team winter upgrades is finally here. And it’s here with a bang! Check out all the players who have been upgraded in this batch and get ready for more later on this month!

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FIFA 14 – Play Like a Legend Challenges

Today @EASPORTSFIFA teased us with a legend picture on their Twitter account. While everyone thought there would be additions to the legends player list, it was in fact something totally different. Read more here.

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Second Batch of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Transfers

It’s been a week since the first batch of FIFA 14 Ultimate Team transfers and it’s finally time for the second batch which brings some longly-awaited transfers but also unfortunately gets rid of loads of players from packs. Check the list out here!

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