Top 5 Fastest Gold/Silver/Bronze Players in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

Many FIFA 14 Ultimate Team gamers enjoy players with a lot of pace, so here is a list of the top 5 fastest Gold, Silver and Bronze players in the game.

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FUT Xbox Twitter Contests!!

  Make sure to visit daily for contest updates! Tomorrow will kick off the FIFANOW year-long contest that tests your knowledge of the game, by having you predict results of matches for the day!  Prizes will be given daily, monthly, and yearly to the best pickers! All entries need to go to the Twitter…

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The FUT Hot Sheet – 21 October 2013

Hello all and thanks for checking out the second edition of the FUT Hot Sheet.  I wanted to thank everyone for stopping by last week and leaving me some great feedback!  Enough of the pleasantries, lets hit the buzzworthy trends of FUT14!

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The FUT Hot Sheet: The 5 Hottest Topics of the Week

Thanks for joining me for the debut edition of The FUT Top Five Hot Sheet by Jamie Kennedy where we go through the 5 hottest topics of the week. 1) EA runs an update- Leave it up to the brain trust at Electronic Arts to break what was already broken. As social media was buzzing…

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[Download] All FUT14 Player Card Templates

Just like every year, we like to collect all FIFA Ultimate Team cards into a folder to share it with you guys so you can use it for graphics and whatnot. Here are ALL the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team cards – brought to you by FIFANOW and MattWidz.

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FIFA 14 – All New Celebrations Tutorial

EA Sports are finally showing off all the new celebrations in the new FIFA 14 game. Check them out!

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All New FIFA 14 Boots

FIFA 14 videos are finally starting to show up on YouTube and here is a video showing you all the new boots that are available in FIFA 14 from the beginning.

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