[Download] All FUT14 Player Card Templates

Just like every year, we like to collect all FIFA Ultimate Team cards into a folder to share it with you guys so you can use it for graphics and whatnot. Here are ALL the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team cards – brought to you by FIFANOW and MattWidz.

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FIFA 14 – All New Celebrations Tutorial

EA Sports are finally showing off all the new celebrations in the new FIFA 14 game. Check them out!

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All New FIFA 14 Boots

FIFA 14 videos are finally starting to show up on YouTube and here is a video showing you all the new boots that are available in FIFA 14 from the beginning.

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Gareth Bale remains on the FIFA 14 cover

The talented winger, Gareth Bale remains on the FIFA 14 cover despite having left Tottenham Hotspur for Real Madrid.

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List of all FIFA 14 Stadiums

Here is a full list of all the stadiums that are in FIFA 14 – both in Head to Head & Ultimate Team – and the capacity of them.

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All Official FIFA 14 Leagues

Have you been wanting to find out which leagues that will feature in FIFA 14? Wait no longer, here is the list of all official leagues in FIFA 14!

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FIFA 14 – List of All Soundtracks [Exclusive]

Soundtracks have always been a part of FIFA, with new songs being introduced to the game every year. We’ve managed to get our hands on the full list of songs that are in FIFA 14. First on FIFANOW.

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