The FIFA Betting Tool is almost completely done! Only thing left is for you guys to test it out and give us feedback on what you think of it. Included in this article is the download link to the tool as well as brief instructions on how to use and what we need from you. Have fun!


Beta testing time!

We’re sure you’ve all been waiting for this day, oh yes. It is finally time for you to test the FIFA Betting Tool that we have developed for you. This is the BETA version, meaning that it is not the full version. With this release, we are aiming to allow you to get comfortable using the tool until the full version is released, but also help us make it better! Below you will find some information on how to use the tool and what we expect from you users in return!

How to sign in

FIFANOW FIFA Betting Tool - How to use

1. Enter your EA (Web App) email into the “Email box”.

2. Enter your EA (Web App) password into the second box where it says “********”

3. Enter your EA (Web App) Security Password into the “Security Password” box.

Remember!: In order to use the FIFA Betting Tool you must confirm that you are of a legal gambling age. You do this by ticking the “I accept […]” box.

4. Click “Sign In”

Hold on. You are now being signed into your EA account. Be patient!

5. If you’ve managed to successfully sign into your EA account, a message box will appear asking you to link your EA account with your FIFANOW account.

If you don’t have a FIFANOW account, click the green “Register an Account” button to register.
If you’ve lost your FIFANOW passowrd, click the orange “Lost Password?” button.
If you need help, click the red “Need Help” button.

6. Now, enter your FIFANOW username into the “Username” box.

7. Enter your FIFANOW password into the “Password” box.

Click “Sign In”

You should now be able to use the betting tool!

How to use the tool

Basically, since this is a BETA version, we are not allowing you to bet using FIFA Ultimate Team coins. In this version, you can only bet using Credits. You can get as many credits as you wish (unlimited). Get them by entering a value (ex. 100 000) into the “Coins to Credits” area and hit the button to get them. You can now freely bet on any game.

REMEMBER: You do not win anything with this version – you only win on the full version where you bet with coins. This is just a testing version!

Give us feedback!

In return for allowing you to beta test the FIFA Betting Tool, we would highly appreciate it if you could give us feedback on what you think about the tool. You can do this on our forums, click here. Start a new topic and you’re good to go.

All the feedback we receive will help us improve the betting tool, so make sure you submit your every opinion! 🙂