FIFA 15 – E3 Gameplay Trailer

Ah, it’s finally here! Check out the Official FIFA 15 E3 Gameplay trailer and find out if Suarez scored or missed the free kick from the teaser trailer.

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Rumor: FIFA 14 to come free with Xbox One

According to MCV, an announcement will be made tomorrow at Gamescom regarding Microsoft’s latest move to spark interest in the Xbox One console.

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EA to discontinue the Online Pass

Yup, you actually read that one right. EA are discontinuing the Online Pass for new game titles as a decision based on player response.

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FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Maintenance Information

As pretty much all of you already have noticed, the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team services are down for maintenance. Since EA have not given updates regarding the downtime in hours, we thought we’d update you with what’s going on and what they’re doing.

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Blog: FIFA 13 Disconnections

I’ve experienced it since FIFA 10 and have always hoped that it would be fixed and ignored it, however, three years later, on FIFA 13 the problem still exists. Disconnections – yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. It’s funny, really. In FIFA 10 I thought it was just temporary, in FIFA 11 I kept…

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FIFA 13 – Fastest Selling Sports Game in History

FIFA 13 was released last week and has now a week later already broken records. The game has become the fastest selling sports game in history(!). It was obvious that the hype for the game was bigger than ever, so this might not come as a surprise. But for the third straight year EA Sports…

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EA announce FIFA 13 for iOS – pictures included

Not the biggest surprise of them all, but EA Sports just announced that FIFA 13 will be compatible with iDevices – iPhone, iPad and iPod. Looking at the pictures, you can really tell EA have improved the graphics, which compared to other mobile releases of the game is amazing!

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