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EA Sports Football Club Android v.1.5.0 Update is out

Around two weeks ago, EA Sports released an update for the EA Sports Football Club mobile app for iDevice users. The update is now finally available for Android users as well. Check out some of the latest features – screenshots included!

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New EA Sports Football Club App Update – v1.5.26

The must-have FIFA 13 mobile app, EA Sports Football Club, has just been updated! With the new version 1.5.26 you now have more amazing features to enjoy using. Find out more information here.

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FIFA 13 Ultimate Team App now available for Android devices

Before the release of FIFA 13, EA Sports announced that they were developing an app for mobile devices so you could check your Ultimate Team club out. Apple owners were lucky enough to be the only ones to use the app until just a few days ago when EA released the long awaited Android version….

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FIFA Betting Tool – BETA version [DOWNLOAD]

The FIFA Betting Tool is almost completely done! Only thing left is for you guys to test it out and give us feedback on what you think of it. Included in this article is the download link to the tool as well as brief instructions on how to use and what we need from you….

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FIFA Betting Tool – Beta Release

As all of you might know already, we have developed a FIFA Betting Tool that allows you to bet on real-life games or wagers using FUT coins. We’re close to finishing the tool, however, we are going to beta release it for all our members to test it out and give us feedback on how…

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FIFA Betting Tool – Coming soon!

What’s that you say? A FIFA Betting Tool? Yes, that’s right! For the last couple of months we have been developing a betting tool where you can win FIFA coins for your Ultimate Team club by betting on real life games. How does that sound? Amazing? Of course it does! It’s coming soon, but how…

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