Using FootyRenders to create custom FIFA Ultimate Team Cards

As some of you may know already, we also run a website called FootyRenders, which is the biggest source for football renders online with over 6200 renders and counting. Many of these can be used to help further customise your FUT cards generated on various websites.

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Xbox One FIFA Gamers – It’s time to update your controller firmware!

If you’ve played on your Xbox One console lately, you will have noticed that a console update rolled out at the beginning of the month. What not many seem to know is that a controller update is available too – but it has to be updated manually. Here’s how to do it!

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FIFA 13 – “New Skills” Tutorial by Hjerpseth

Hjerpseth is back with another skills tutorial – this time for FIFA 13! He shows you how to do the new skills that have been added to the game. Learn how to do them in his video tutorial!

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FIFA 12 | Ultimate Team Tutorial

Are you new to FIFA Ultimate Team? EA SPORTS FIFA Community Manager Romily Broad walks you through all the basics of FIFA 12 Ultimate Team in a three-part video tutorial. Have a look!

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FIFA 12 Hints and tips | Gem players

We are now 4 months into our enjoyment of FIFA 12, and a lot of people are still deciding what type of squad they want for their Ultimate Team. In this article we will go through gem players in FIFA 12.

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FIFA 12 Hints and Tips | Formations

What formation you choose for your FIFA 12 Ultimate Team when playing can practically decide whether you win or lose a game. Of course, your team’s chemistry needs to be good in order to benefit from your formation, but your formation affects your team’s build up play style and tempo.

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FIFA 12 Hints and Tips | Defending

One of the main new features on FIFA 12 is the ‘Tactical Defending’. Some people hate it, some love it. Although, I think we can all agree on the fact that it can be quite difficult to defend against your opponents sometimes. So, here is a video with tips from top FIFA players on how…

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