One of the main new features on FIFA 12 is the ‘Tactical Defending’. Some people hate it, some love it. Although, I think we can all agree on the fact that it can be quite difficult to defend against your opponents sometimes. So, here is a video with tips from top FIFA players on how to defend properly.


There is absolutely no doubt about it; defending on FIFA 12 is harder than it has ever been in any of the previous games. Even though this was quite a major new feature to the FIFA games, a lot of people adapted to the new defending and have now mastered it. But, there are still some people who are finding it very hard to defend. That is why EA Sports have asked some of the top FIFA players for tips on how to defend properly when playing.

First tip – Protect The Defence

You are most vulnerable to an attack when the opponent gets the ball between your midfield and defence. By selecting a defender to try to win possession, you leave holes in your defence that are easily exploited. When you do this, all your opponent has to do is make a through-ball to the striker, who then comes free with your goalkeeper, and will most likely score. So, instead of using your defender to try to win possession, use other players from your attack or midfield, and bring them back into the game to help out as much as possible! This will restrict space and limit your opponent’s attacking options.

Second tip – Player Selection

If you are struggling to select the player you want to use, you can switch by flicking the right-stick towards that player, rather than clicking L1 (PS3) or LB (Xbox). You may also notice that sometimes, the game automatically switches the players for you. If you want to disable this, and manually switch them yourself, go into the START-menu and find “Xbox 360/PS3 controller” under the “Settings” tab. Then all you have to do is choose whether you want it to auto-choose all the time, in just air-balls or completely disable the auto-switching in order to be able to switch yourself, manually.

Third tip – Formation

The formation does indeed have an impact to your defending when you are playing. Most players prefer to use formations like 4-1-2-1-2, 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2, due to it’s balanced spread-around players all over the field. These formations allow you to have a strong defense, aswell as attack. So, do take these formations into consideration when creating a new team.

Fourth tip – Jockey

You should only attempt to tackle if you know that you have a good chance of winning the ball. If you fail your tackle, your opponent will most likely break free and find a goal-scoring opportunity. So, instead, for when you play quick or/and tricky players, it may be better to hold L2 (PS3) or LT (Xbox) to keep up with the player. You might aswell want to contain the opponent by holding X (PS3) or A (Xbox). The contain feature allows you to follow the player and win the ball if he comes close enough.

Fifth tip – Stay calm

Last but not least, a pro-tip from me. Instead of trying to defend aggressively by running towards your opponent and trying to tackle, stay calm and let the opponent come to you while you push forward every now and then to stress your opponent. While doing this, remember to stay calm. You will eventually win the ball if you defend correctly using the above-mentioned tips.


Hopefully these tips will help you improve your defense when playing FIFA 12. Remember that you will not become a professional at this straight away. You need to practice first – Practice makes perfect! This saying applies to basically anything and everything. If you don’t practice, you are never going to learn. So, give it some time and hopefully you should learn how to master the tactical defending very soon!