Finally, here is an official FIFA 12 Free Kick Tutorial made by EA, and not by their fans. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to master the driven free kicks that are oftenly used on FIFA. There is also a written guide inside. Take a look!

Basically, for all of you who don’t know what a driven free kick is, it is the power free kick. It is the free kick where you use the LB (For Xbox) or L1 (For PS) button while you press the power button in order to shoot free kicks with power. As said in the video, these are indeed a bit difficult to score. There are three things you have to know before taking these driven free kicks. They are:

    • Position: These free kicks require that you have quite a distance to the goal, in order for the ball to lift and go over the wall, and then drop when it is close to the goal. This is why you take power free kicks anywhere outside the 30-yards area. Depending on which side the free kick is taken from, you have to position the wall correctly. If the free kick is on the left half, you position the left player in the wall in line with the left post. The same thing applies for free kicks on the right side of the field, just that you put the right player in the wall in line with the right post. The video explains it a bit more in depth, and it is easier to understand if you don’t already.


    • Player: Now, you can’t really use any player for these types of free kicks. When you choose a player to take these types of free kicks, you should look at the PWR (Power) and FKA (Free Kick Accuracy). If these numbers are high, around 80+, then you have most likely chosen the right player. Some examples of perfect players for these free kicks are; Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba and Robin Van Persie.


    • Power: This step is probably the most difficult; using the perfect amount of power. For the driven free kick, you should use 3 bars of power. But it somewhat varies, depending on which player you have. Although, that is the recommended amount of power.


Here is the video, enjoy and hope you learn how to master the driven free kicks by watching it!