Many of you who play Ultimate Team on FIFA 13 are asking about how the top strikers in the Premier League are, so after playing a half dozen games with each of them I thought I’d post my reviews. Going to rank them top to bottom in terms of how I rate them overall, no price considered. I’ll also make mention in my reviews as to the value of a player given their price, so anyone working on a budget can make a decision on who they’d rather have.

Robin van Persie

By far the best striker in the league. He’s brilliant on both feet, and amazing on the ball. 4 star skills and a high dribbling stat let him go wherever he wants with the ball. He’s solid passing in the middle of the pitch. I used him mostly as a right striker, so wasn’t great at crossing from that side. Didn’t see enough of him from the left side to tell if he’s worth crossing from the wing, but I think using him as a winger would be a waste anyway. He’s the clinical finisher your team needs in the middle of the pitch.

Sergio Aguero

The right footed version of RVP, although with slightly less touch on his off foot. He’ll finish in the box and is amazing on the ball. If you’re the type to want to skill in on goal then he’ll do the job. 4 star skills and great ball control, you can be clinical from the left wing. Biggest difference between him and RVP is that Aguero isn’t near as good on his off foot.



IF Luis Suarez

His in form is right on par with Aguero. Just as good if not better as a finisher. He’s also got 4 star dribbling, and a nice first touch on the ball. In my squad I use him as a CAM behind Aguero and RVP and rank him higher than Rooney as an attacker. In a budget squad I’d say you’re better off buying Aguero, but if price is no option this IF is one you must own. He’s not as good as RVP though if you’re deciding between those two for your last striker, but if you’re really on that choice I’d say bump someone out of the midfield and play Suarez there.

Mario Balotelli

For his price, you can’t do better. He’s just a hair below Aguero in my book as a striker. Maybe better depending on your style of play. He doesn’t have the same passing ability up front as the other strikers in this article, but he does have great finishing and is also a 4 star skiller like the rest of them. His heading may set Super Mario apart if that’s your style of play. I saw no heading potential on crosses from any other striker in this article. When I scored on corners it was always my defenders heading it in. But once I put Balotelli in up top I immediately saw an improvement in my crossing game. If you want a mixed attack he’s a great option to both skill up the middle, and be a target man to crosses. And did I mention he’s cheap?! Half the price of any other player mentioned in this article if not more.

Wayne Rooney

Possibly the best attacking midfielder in the league, but out of place as a striker. I ran Rooney as a CAM in my 41212 team and he ranks right up there with RVP in terms of finishing ability. However his high defensive work rate will often bring him back deep in the midfield. When I played him at CAM with Aguero and RVP at * I felt like I was really only running a 2 attack offense. Rooney could never keep up, he was always just another defender. Good at covering and ball control, so he certainly wasn’t a liability in defense, but just felt wasted there. Consider him to really be more of a center midfielder than a frontline player. Easily the best CM in the league, but too expensive to justify it.

Finally, I want to mention one more player who’s not an attacker, but who I feel is far more valuable than all of the above. If you’re on a budget and want to get the most bang for your buck, the best way to spend 60k in the BPL is to buy Yaya Toure. Seriously, doesn’t matter who your strikers are. Get some random 79 rated players, it won’t make a difference. The single most important player you can buy is Yaya. He is a brick wall in defense in the midfield, and when you get him the ball in the box he has the finishing ability of every other player mentioned in this article. If he ever gets an in-form he’ll easily be the best player in the league on UT, he almost is already. Ignore every other piece of advice I’ve given in this review and just buy Toure, you’ll thank me for it later.