EA Sports recently tweeted that the first batch of the FUT summer transfers is going to be released this Friday. This first batch will include players that have already signed for a new club during the summer – the rest will come in a later batch.


Football transfers – you’ve got to love them!

Many FUT-players expected to see plenty of transfers in FIFA this Wednesday, however, EA Sports Fifa tweeted that the first batch of FUT summer transfers would be released on Friday. No time for the releases was mentioned, but I would guess that the players will be released during the day, probably around the same time they announce TOTWs on Wednesdays – 3pm UK time.

As we all know already, there have been plenty of transfers in the football world already, and we can expect to see all of the finished signings to appear on FIFA Ultimate Team with this first batch. The next batch will probably be released in a couple of weeks.

A list of all the completed FUT transfers will be posted on our website on Friday.